HSWS-1.9KW Wind-Solar Hybrid Controller

HSWS-1.9KW Wind-Solar Hybrid Controller

◆The big screen LCD display. Clearly present the working status of the wind turbine, solar panel, battery and controller.(Wind turbine voltage, current, power display ;solar voltage, current, power display, battery charging current, voltage, charging power, power display.)

◆Two sets of control systems:PWM constant voltage system and three-phase dump load system.

◆PWM constant voltage control is 120% of the rated power of the wind turbine . In case exceeding of PWM’s capacity, the three-phase dump load will automatically start immediately to ensure safe running of the overall wind

turbine system.◆Under the circumstances of disconnecting or damage of the battery, the three-phase dump load will start automatically to avoid the idling for wind turbine and the occurrence of runaway accident.

◆Under the strong or super-strong wind conditions PWM control to ensure battery charged by the wind turbine with constant voltage and current.

◆The protection function of reverse connection, disconnection and damage-resisting of the battery will be applied.

◆Over-charging protection of the battery: When the battery is full (the battery

voltage getting 125% of the rated voltage), the controller will carry out three-phase dump load automatically to stop charging the battery.◆Auto recharging of battery: When the battery voltage reduces to 108% of the rated voltage, it stops three-phase dump load to recharge battery automatically.

◆For the different wind turbine type, the controller can be equipped with mechanical yawing, furled empennage, mechanical or hydraulic, pneumatic,

electric magnetic and other brake functions.◆The inside of the controller is equipped with surge arrester. Contain the over voltage into the wind turbine under the bearable voltage of the equipment or system. On the other way, to conduct the strong lightening current into the earth directly to avoid any damage of equipment.

◆Ammeter and voltmeter indication: Indicate the charging current and voltage of the battery.

◆The controller is equipped with manual three-phase dump load switch. To using this switch, the wind turbine will carry out three-phase dump load forcibly.

Model HSWS-1.9KW
Wind power 1.5KW
Solar panel power 900W
Battery 24Vdc 48Vdc
Function Charge, control
Operating environment Temperature -10-40℃,humidity≤80%
PWM constant pressure voltage >28Vdc >280 Vdc
3-phase load voltage of the wind turbine 29±2Vdc 290±5Vdc
Recovery charging voltage of the wind turbine 27±2Vdc 280±5Vdc
Solar controller stop charging voltage 29±2Vdc 290±5Vdc
Solar restore charge voltage 27±2Vdc 280±5Vdc
Low-voltage of the battery 20±2Vdc 200±5Vdc
Self-provided connecting wire of the battery >12mm2 >6mm2
PWM fuse 63A 40A
Solar fuse 32A 16A
Charging fuse 125A 32A
Size of the controller 590*490*315 mm 590*490*315 mm
Weight of the controller 15 Kg 16 Kg
Size of the load 490*460*310 mm 490*460*310 mm
Weight of the load 15.5 Kg 15.5 Kg

Above parameter only for reference

1. Could be custom made to user specifications.

2. Could have solar power.