[Product Features]

* Power inverter function
The function of the inverter is to convert the AC voltage to DC voltage. This rectified process is called a contrast.
There are three different types of AC output Categorized as ‘Modified sine wave inverter, Semi-pure sine wave inverter and pure sine wave inverter’. The output AC voltage waveform of the pure sine wave inverter is the same as the electric poweras shown in Figure C.
The advantages of a pure sine wave inverter are: perfect output waveform, low distortion, acoustic equipment and communication equipment, and low interference with low noise.
Protection is fully functional and overall efficient.
The disadvantages are relatively complex circuits, high maintenance skills and high cost.


Model HSDP-300 HSDP-600 HSDP-1000 HSDP-1500 HSDP-2000 HSDP-3000 HSDP-6000
Rated Power 300W 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 6000w
Peakpower 450W 900W 1500W 2250W 3000W 4500W 8000W
OVerloadprotection 105%ratedpower24V 5minoverloadprotection
105%rallldpower Sminoverloadprotection
110%ratedpower 1minoverloadprotection
120%ratedpower 1OSoverloadprotection
WhenDC<11V WhenDC<22V
10%lower 10%lower
Outpu tvoltage and 220VAC±5%220vac
THD accuracy THD<3%
Output Frequency Puresine Wave 60HZ Accuracy±0.1HZ
Output lrlliciency DC12V DC24V
84% >90%
Power factor 0.99
No-loadcunrency DC12V DC2AV
<1ACommon <O.5ACommon
<O.5ALowpowermode <0.3ALowpowermode
Range of
input voltage
Over voltage recovery 15VDC Accuracy±0.3V 30VDC Accuracy±0.5V
Over voltage recovery 14VDC Accuracy±0.3V 28VDC Accuracy±0.5V
Alann 10.5VDC Accuracy±0.3V 21VDC Accuracy±0.5V
Low voltage protection 10VDC Accuracy±0.3V 20VDC Accuracy±0.5V
Low voltage recovery 12VDC Accuracy±0.3V 24VDC Accuracy±0.5V


Short-circuitprotection Softwarecontrol,yes
Over-temperatureprotection 75″–80″
Coolingway Forcedcooling
communication RS485(optional)
Workingtemperature -10″–50*
Dustprooflevel IP30

Read the safety instructions first and read carefully for the installation and use of the inverter. The installation of equipment must be a professional electrical maintenance personnel who are
familiar with inverter construction and operating risks.

This precaution may cause equipment and physical damage.
1. Do not connect the inverter to commercial electricity.
2. The in butter should be kept away from water, soot and dust environments. Do not pull the plug with wet hands.
3. The in butter should be installed in a cool, well ventilated area and the temperature should be between 10 and 50 degrees Celsius. Where there’s no direct sunlight or air.
4. The in butter must be kept away from flammable and explosive substances. Also, do not place it in an electric conductor.
5. Inverter can generate heat after a long period of time, so it is heat sensitive. It should be avoided close to the substance.
6. Make sure that air is well ventilated and that heat is released well
7. The inverter must be grounded for safe driving.