The PV charge controller adopts advanced digital control technology, LCD display and automatically operation. With the features of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) battery charging and unique control technology, the PV charge controller improves battery life efficiently. The PV charge controller is only suitable for controlling solar modules. Never connect any other type of charging source to the charge controller. This can destroy the controller and/or the charging source.

1. Excellent EMC design

2. Industrial-grade chip

3. Full enclosed duct design and high speed fan for cooling

4. Users can parallel connect lots of our controllers in a system

5. Infineon IGBT module or IR MOSFET ensures stable performance

6. New SOC method indicates the power generation information of daily, monthly and total

7. 3”LCD+LED display+touching keys as HMI makes the operation more easy

8. PWM Charging technology: fast charging, equalize charging and float charging.

9. Advanced battery activation technology increases battery lifetime 30% at least and improves the system performance

10. Temperature compesention function compensates the voltage based on different temperature

11. RTC function indicates the real time and temperature

12. The second protection will protect battery from destroying when the power switch (IGBT) is down (optional function)

13. DC output function (Optional function)

14. Standard modbus protocol for RS485 or GPRS communication.



※Above parameter only for reference ,could be custom made to user specifications.