20kw home solar power system

20kw home solar power system

Complete 20kw home solar power system

HanSeo Power PV Off-grid Solar power generation system including solar panel array, solar charge controller, storage battery, Off-grid inverter, etc. In the sunshine, the solar panel convert the solar energy to DC power and charge the battery group by the charge controller. Then the off grid inverter convert the DC power into AC power for power supply the AC load.

Here is the 20KW solar off grid home system, 15kw load with 8 hours supply

for your reference.1.solar system can be designed according to different applications including, houses,buildings,company,factory,farm, water pump,lighting.The system is designed automatically switch to grid power when battery power off ,then grid power will charge battery.When grid power not availabel,can switch to run on desiel generator so as to continue water pump irrigating or other application.

our company have produced soalar inverter, solar controller and PV combiner

box for many years, With reliable quality and very competitive prices, we have exported products to USA, South America, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia,and gotten good feedbacks from our overseas customers.

Our products from raw materials to finished products every process, every aspect of all strictly by professionals in order to ensure product quality. Also we can provide the certificate to ensure the quality of our productions, mainly CE, IEC, TUV ISO.



This solar power system solution is just for reference. It can be adjusted based on actual condition and requirement.

All parts have been tested and proven in actual operation with enough reliability and stability.

It ‘s suggested to source whole system as a package from us to guarantee the system compatibility.